Wending into the earth like manic, branching tendrils, the tunnels of the Scorched Rock Mines echo with the sounds of frantic digging and blasting. This was one of the first, and still the largest Stregatite mine in the Craeth, and the Ashbeard dwarves rule it with mailed gauntlets and barbed whips. The first discovery here was an extensive combined vein of stregatite and gold which sprawled deep into the earth, and the Ashbeards pursued it without a thought to prudence or safety. Deeper in the mine, the sounds of battle, screams and other even more menacing sounds can be heard. In their haste and greed, the Ashbeards have broken through to untold, forgotten depths and awoken... something.

Sublocation for Chasms of Craeth, level range 34-37

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