The Acolyte:

  • T: Ranged
  • O: Group
  • A: Magic
  • D: Armor

Travelling Acolytes are found in small groups, usually led by a charismatic holyman of one of the sanctioned religious orders devoted to the Emperor. Channeling their devotion, they unleash divine wrath onto their enemies with the power of their prayers and chants, flailing around holy weapons or calling down power from the sky itself. Although challenged from time to time by the Zealots due to their 'miracles', the Emperor has publically stated that the Acolytes, few as they may be, are officially allowed to worship him in this capacity and act as his conduit, being enough to silence would be accusers of witchcraft.

Their miracles are many, and devotion more softly spoken than most other fanatics in the Empire, but that should not be mistaken for weakness. The Acolytes arrival to a battle has been known to turn the tide on numerous occasions, and their holy devotion and prayers have always been well received by the masses, as their magic is seen as a physical manifestation of the Emperor himself.


  • Ajendra Cathedral of the Protector
  • Dacia Cathedral of Vigilence
  • Vokai Cathedral of the Sun


Armament Name AR Bonus Cost
Prayer to the Emperor 6
Prayer of Divine Will 12
Prayer of Judgement 18
Prayer of Smiting 24
Carol of Supplication 36
Carol of Holy Light 42
Carol of Purging 48
Carol of Accusations 54
Chorus of Holy Fire 66 21,000
Chorus of Holy Chains 72 29,700
Chorus of Holy Strike 78 39,100
Chorus of Final Days 84 49,600
Litany of Retribution 96 69,000
LItany of Judgement 102 87,200
Litany of Fury 108 105,900
Litany of Righteous Will 114 125,900
Anthem of Divine Force 126 160,200
Anthem of Heavenly Strike 132 191,100
Anthem of Heavenly Wrath 138 226,600
Celestial Anthem of Armageddon 144 319,300

Secondary ArmamentsEdit

Secondary Armament Name DR Bonus Cost
Small Hammer 2 N/A
Steel Warhammer 10
Blessed Sunsteel Warhammer 20 4,100
Sacred Sunsteel Warhammer 30 14,300
Divine Chromium Warhammer 40 35,400
Holy Ritual Maul of Righteousness 50 153,100


Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Robes of the Devotee 8
Thick Priestly Robes 16
Warpriest Robes 24
Heavy Warpriest Robes 32
Light Imperial Steel Chainmail and Tabard 40
Heavy Imperial Steel Chainmail and Tabard 48
Light Imperial Steel Platemail 56
Holy Imperial Steel Platemail 64
Blessed Imperial Steel Platemail 72
Light Sunsteel Chainmail and Tabard 80
Sunsteel Chainmail and Tabard 88
Holy Sunsteel Chainmail and Tabard 96
Light Sunsteel Platemail 104
Heavy Sunsteel Platemail 112 82,100
Glinting Sunsteel Platemail 120 100,000
Radiant Sunsteel Field Plate 128 120,300
Shining Sunsteel Full Plate 144 143,200
Blessed Sunsteel Full Plate 152 168,700
Holy Chromium Chainmail and Tabard 160 197,100
Light Chromium Platemail 168 197,100
Heavy Chromium Platemail 176 262,000
Blessed Chromium Platemail 184 305,600
Divine Chromium Field Plate 192 427,400
Glorious Chromium Field Plate of the Celestial 200


Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
Chant of Devotion 16 N/A
Book of Benedictions 32
Tales of the Emperor Volume 1 48
Manuscript of Faith 64
Blessings of His Holyness 96 13,400
Tales of the Emperor Volume 2 112 25,400
The Emperor's Holy Benedictions Book 128 42,100
Book of Inspirational Greatness 144 63,800
Manuscript of Limitless Faith 176 111,000
List of Legendary Battles 192 157,800
Book of Timless Conmmunion 208 208,000
Choirbook of Invocations 224 263,900
Rare Tome of Lost Prayers 256 367,500
Manuscript of Eternal Faith 272
Union of Purpose Volume 1 288
Pact of Servitude Chant 304
Rare Tome of the Emperor's Legacy 336
First Edition Prayerbook 352
Union of Purpose Volume 2 368
Personal Blessing of the Emperor 384

Secondary SupportEdit

Secondary Support Name DR Bonus Cost
Small Band of Devotees 6 N/A
Band of Pilgrims 30
Band of Acolytes 60 23,600
Large Band of the Emperor's Chosen 90 85,000
Divine Choir of Retribution 120 211,500
Blessed Choir of the Emperor's Wrath 150

Ultimate ItemsEdit

PRIMARY ARMAMENT (+160 AR to start, +6 AR per upgrade)

- Grand Litany of Devastation and Rebirth

- Supreme Anthem of the Heavens

- Voice of Unified Existence

SECONDARY ARMAMENT (+60 AR to start, +2 AR per upgrade)

- Starsteel Crusader Maul

- Blessed Eternium Warhammer

- Clockwork Autohammer

PRIMARY PROTECTION (+220 DR to start, +8 DR per upgrade)

- Featherweight Xorr Alloy Crusader Mail

- Polished Eternium Full Plate

- Blessed Starsteel Plate Mail and Tabard

PRIMARY SUPPORT (+420 AR/DR to start, +16 AR/DR per upgrade)

- Manuscript of the Emperor's Insights

- Copy of the Unfinished Journal of Ajen

- Original Transcript of the Ascension

SECONDARY SUPPORT (+160 AR/DR to start, +6 AR/DR per upgrade)

- Gathering of the Faithful

- Devotees of the Divine Cult

- Grand Choir of the Undeniable Word

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