The Agent:

  • T: Melee
  • O: Group
  • A: Stealth
  • D: Evasion

The Emperor's eyes and ears are everywhere, so the saying goes, and the Agent is largely responsible for this, acting as spymasters in the service of power structures, noble families, religious orders, scientific schools, and whatever else gets any small measure of political power in the city. Whispers suggest that the only true power in the Empire lies with the Agents, as they know everyone's secrets, and know how not to flaunt them enough to make people overly nervous, rather than just respectfully cautious.

Agents also take on the mantle of adventurer from time to time, if nothing else to secure a large personal fortune to facilitate their own rise in the internal ranks of Agents, and keep tabs on rivals and potentially influential individuals aquiring magical artifacts in their endeavours. They do not act alone however, but rather with a crew of trusted (or at least well paid) informants, enforcers and thugs, who know how to move as quietly and deadly as the Agent, and know when to shut up and stay out of the way during negotiations. In times past, it was rumored that the Agents actually were a thieves guild in the Empire that grew so powerful that the Emperor had no choice but to offer them an official position of power rather than try and remove them, but such rumors are typically grounds for closer investigation by the Agents.


  • Bedua Border Guard
  • Vokai Watchers Guild
  • Dacia Thief Catchers Guild


Armament Name AR Bonus Cost
Cudgels 6 N/A
Trusty Shivs 12
Piano Wire 18
Steel Shortswords 24
Pickwood Clubs 36
Sharpened Steel Shivs 42
Imperial Steel Shortswords 48
Finely Crafted Imperial Steel Blades 54
Hefty White Oak Cudgels 66
Concealable Sunsteel Shivs 72
Trusty Sunsteel Daggers 78
Sunsteel Shortswords 84
Sunsteel Piano Wire Webbing 96
Perfectly Balanced Sunsteel Daggers 102
Lightning Fast Sunsteel Shortswords 108
Sunsteel Assassins Blade 114
Perfectly Crafted Mirrorwood Clubs 126
Chromium Piano Wire Webbing 132
Perfectly Crafted Chromium Shortswords 138
Insignia Assassin Blades 144

Secondary ArmamentsEdit

Secondary Armament Name AR Bonus Cost
Vial of Rat Poison 2 N/A
Befuddler Grease 10
Gag Powder 20
Heartstopper Oil 30
Slug Essence Elixir 40
Statue Skin Poison Vial 50


Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Ragged but Thick Clothing 6 N/A
Decent Clothing 12
Fine Clothing 18
Light Silkweave Armor 24
Expensive Silkweave Armor 36
Featherweight Imperial Silkweave Armor 42
Wardrobe for All Occasions 48
Protective Silkweave Armor 54
Light Yet Durable Silkweave Armor 66
Fine Silkweave Armor 72
Fine Sunweave Clothing 78
Light Sunweave Armor 84
Extensive Wardrobe for any Eventuatlity 96
Protective Sunweave Clothing 102
Fine Sunweave Armor 108
Featherweight Sunweave Armor 114
Exotic Chromeweave Clothing 126
Light Chromeweave Armor 132
Protective Chromeweave Clothing 144

Secondary ProtectionEdit

Secondary Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Fake Nose and Glasses 2 N/A
Basic Disguise Kit 10
Advanced Disguise Kit 20
Expensive Disguise Kit 30
Elaborate Disguise Kit 40
The Perfect Disguise Kit 50


Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
A Few Street Toughs 16 N/A
Band of Street Toughs 32
Bunch of Petty Criminals 48
Mob of Dirty Crooks 64
Band of Shady Cut Throats 96
Hired Goons 112
Posse of Seasoned Thugs 128
Band of Semi Reliable Rogues 144
Well Paid Band of Rogues 176
Well Trained and Reliable Goons 192
Band of Apprentice Guildsmen 208
Band of Seasoned Guildsmen 224
Band of Veteran Guildsmen 256
Trusted Group of Guildsmen 272
Seasoned Imperial Guildsmen 288
Veteran Imperial Guildsmen 304
Elite Group of Imperial Guildsmen 336
Initiate Emperor's Hand Agents 352
Veteram Emperor's Hand Agents 368
Trusted Emperor's Hand Agents 384

Secondary SupportEdit

Secondary Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
A Short List of Known Scum 6 N/A
List of Suspected Snitches 30
Names and Informants Book 60
Well Researched List of Informants 90
Text from the Imperial Secretorium 120

Ultimate ItemsEdit

PRIMARY ARMAMENT (+160 AR to start, +6 AR per upgrade)

- Xorr Alloy Moonwire

- Menacing Starsteel Cudgels

- Concealable Eternium Blades

SECONDARY ARMAMENT (+60 AR to start, +2 AR per upgrade)

- Petrification Dust

- Two-Step Venom

- Banisher Melon Juice

PRIMARY PROTECTION (+160 DR to start, +6 DR per upgrade)

- Featherweight Xorrweave Armor

- Clockwork Gadget Bodysuit

- Priceless Starsilk Clothing

SECONDARY PROTECTION (+60 DR to start, +2 DR per upgrade)

- Mask of Limitless Faces

- Morphing Body Putty

- Cloak of Blending and Oversight

PRIMARY SUPPORT (+420 AR/DR to start, +16 AR/DR per upgrade)

- Inner Circle of Agents

- Technocratic Guard Cabal

- Spymasters Chosen Few

SECONDARY SUPPORT (+160 AR/DR to start, +6 AR/DR per upgrade)

- Access to the Forbidden Secrotorium

- Difference Engine Analyzed Census

- Divine Book of Facts

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