09-5 All-Watch

The savage tribes of the Falkeerim bird-men used to boast a proud civilization. This ancient temple perched at the highest point in Craeth, is all that now remains of their achievements. To the side of this temple is the Airy Step, the tallest cliff in Craeth, a whole mile of sheer drop from the stony crag's peak to the depths of a canyon floor. For centuries, this has been the site for ritual sacrifices of non-falkeer prisoners and falkeer criminals whose wings had been ceremonially removed. The Falkeerim are a nuisance at best, and at worse a threat to civilization in this region, and this is the home of their most respected leaders. Few would disagree that taking them down a notch would be a good thing, even if you weren't already here for the fabled gold and gems in the temple's coffers.

Sublocation for Chasms of Craeth - Level 37-41

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