This Keep once stood at the centre of a mighty castle, however all that remains of this is a few shards of pitch black obsidian glass bursting through the sands and rocks below. The keep itself however is in relatively good condition, and the fires of industry can be seen while the never ending clangs of metal smithing ring out for many miles around. It seems that very little actually living makes its home here, however there are a huge number of automaton creations lumbering around performing whatever task it was they were created for. Their power sources appear to be a pulsing shard of the abundant Obsidian located near the keep. If the legends are true, this was the stronghold of one of the two brothers (most likely Ilsbith, although some scholars would argue that it was his younger sibling Nadeine).

Primary Monster: Undead, Secondary monster: Construct

Sublocation for Bravaki Wastelands. Level range: 17-21

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