Once named the Raven's Eye Tower, it's now nicknamed Betrayer Point by the City's current denizens, after the treacherous keeper of the tower, Othellix, used his magic to drain the very life from the City's first line of defense and early warning system, allowing the pirates to close and bombard the City's still-anchored fleet. His reasons for doing so are still a mystery, however it is rumored that he took a new lover recently, a woman of unearthly beauty, who had a habit of disappearing as soon as the towns Alomite clergy was nearby. The life force of soldiers have since risen, due to either the abundance of careless necromancer magic being used, or their own thirst for vengeance. The massive tower that overlooks the rocky shores of the peninsula of Stromm used to be home to a network of arcane birds controlled by the tower's master, but now it seems they have all either been destroyed or driven away.

Sublocation for Ravenwatch, levels 20-23

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