In the history of the Planar Crossroads, the Blade Spire has stood as a symbol of power of the city's rulers, the Ganjei. Where their warriors are trained, wealth hoarded, and most likely, where their deepest secrets are kept safe, is this immense fortress that disappears into the clouds above, gleaming like a blade polished to a mirror finish, crafted by the greatest weaponsmith and artistic genius all in one. Its intent to both inspire its inhabitants, as well as intimidate would-be aggressors, is clear, leaving no doubt that all who would enter this bastion of order and neutrality would do well to remember whose turf they fight on. However, since the portals have begun springing up, the Blade Spire has started to see some cracks in its armor, with breaches in its walls briefly showing allowing explorers and thieves to slip through before they're repaired. To make matters worse, rumors have spread that the entire prison system has broken down, and that some of the most dangerous inmates and agitators in the Crossroads have managed to escape! The only thing that could have caused this is some form of internal fracture within the political system inside the Blade Spire, yet such a thing has never happened in the history of the Spire. What dastardly plot could have caused such a thing?

Sublocation for Planar Crossroads.

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