Bone Lord

  • T: Hybrid
  • O: Monstrosity
  • A: Physical
  • D: Armor

Bonelords form the main warrior caste of the Deadlands, encasing themselves in the enchanted bones of fallen beasts (often combining several into one) and forming a gigantic suit of armor to go stomping across the battlefield in, flinging boneshard harpoons at their enemies, which are retractable, attached to a variety of enchanted materials for quick reload and re-use, as well as rending foes with hooks and claws.

The typical bonelord in armor stands close to 10 feet tall and is extremely bulky, and with time only gets bigger and bigger, as the bone armor begin to form a symbiotic relationship with the wearer, eventually losing the ability to distinguishing between the two. The armor itself is a form of living (or unliving really) encasement, a hybrid between an exoskeleton, armor plating, and nerve endings. Bonelords demand respect and inflict fear on the battlefield in equal measure, and their versatility in combat makes them extremely deadly. They have a reputation for being brutal and vicious, and enjoying combat a little too much.


  • Xithan Boneguard
  • Bonekeep Ruiners
  • The Great Spine


Weapon Name AR Bonus Cost
Jagged Hunk of Bone on a Chain 11 N/A
Chained Rusty Harpoon 22 300
Pole-Axe on a Chain 33 700
Sharpened Chain Blade 44 1,500
Brutal Chain Hook 66 4,700
Bloody Scythe Blade on a Chain 77 8,900
Chain Flail 88 14,600
Triple Chain Flail 99 22,000
Light Voidsteel Harpoon 121 38,200
Light Voidsteel Chain Blade 132 54,300
Heavy Voidsteel Harpoon 143 71,600
Heavy Voidsteel Chain Blade 154 90,800
Savage Voidsteel Hook Chain 176 126,400
Voidsteel Scythe Chain 187 159,800
Voidsteel Chain Flail 198 194,000
Horrific Voidsteel Triple Chain Flail 209 230,600
Deadly Necrotanium Harpoon Chain 231 293,500
Sinister Necrotanium Chain Blade 242 350,200
Cruel Necrotanium Hook Chain 253 415,200
Vile Necrotanium Scythe Chain 264 585,200

Secondary ArmamentsEdit

Support Name AR Bonus Cost
Pointy Bone Claw 4 N/A
Savage Steel Claw 20 1,000
Sharpened Voidsteel Claw 40 8,000
Large Voidsteel Tri-Claw 60 28,400
Oversized Necrotanium Claw 80 70,600
Huge Necrotanium Claw of Impaling 100 306,000


Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Brittle Bone Suit 15 N/A
Bone Armor Suit 30 400
Reinforced Bone Suit 45 900
Oversized Bone Battle Suit 60 2,000
Hulking Bone Battle Form 75 4,100
Giant Bone War Suit 90 7,400
Enormous Bone War Form 105 12,500
Large Wraithbone Armor Suit 120 20,100
Chunky Wraithbone Battle Suit 135 30,200
Menacing Wraithbone War Suit 150 42,900
Spiked Wraithbone War Form 165 58,600
Big Bad Drakebone Battle Suit 180 77,300
Vicious Drakebone War Form 195 99,200
Bulky Trollbone Armor Suit 210 124,600
Hulking Trollbone Armor Suit 225 153,800
Massive Trollbone Battle Suit 240 187,300
Lumbering Giantbone Battle Form 255 225,400
Huge Giantbone War Suit 270 268,300
Gigantic Giantbone War Form 285 316,300
Demonbone Armor Suit 300 369,500
Demonbone Reinforced Bone Armor 315 427,800
Demonbone Interwoven Battle Form 330 491,200
Hulking Demonbone Battle Suit 345 572,900
Massive Demonbone War Suit 360 801,300
Gigantic Demonbone War Form 375 1,415,500


Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
Brittle Bone Suit 15 N/A
Rune of Binding 30 600
Bone Engraving of Binding 45 1,600
Bone Engraving of Resilience 60 3,800
Etchings of Minor Reconstruction 75 8,000
Etchings of Minor Regeneration 90 14,600
Drakeblood Glyph of the Bone Carpenter 105 24,900
Drakeblood Glyph of the Bone Shaper 120 40,100
Drakeblood Glyph of the Bone Moulder 135 60,200
Trollblood Engraving of Resilience 150 85,700
Trollblood Rune of Regrowth 165 117,100
Trollblood Mark of Binding 180 154,500
Giantblood Engraving of Resilience 195 198,300
Giantblood Rune of Regrowth 210 249,200
Giantblood Mark of the Undying 225 307,600
Demonblood Engraving of Resilience 240 374,600
Pulsing Rune of Demonic Reconstruction 255 450,700
Rune of Demonic Regeneration 270 536,600
Demonblood Glyph of Invincibility 285 632,500
Lesser Shadowglyph of Corpse Absorption 300 738,800
Shadowglyph of Unearthly Resilience 315 855,400
Shadowglyph of Unstoppable Regeneration 330 982,300
Shadowglyph of Unholy Reconstruction 345 1,145,800
Full Body Shadowglyph of Regeneration 360 1,602,500
Greater Shadowglyph of Corpse Absorption 375 2,830,900

Ultimate ItemsEdit

PRIMARY ARMAMENT (+290AR to start, +11 AR per upgrade)

-Immense Black Starsteel Chain Scythe

-Etherium Soultearer Harpoon Chain

-Umbral Steel Chain Blade of Gore

SECONDARY ARMAMENT (+110AR to start, +4 AR per upgrade)

-Black Starsteel Claw of Mutilation

-Vorpal Steel Tri-Claw

-Spectral Talons of Ruin

PRIMARY PROTECTION (+400DR to start, +15 DR per upgrade)

-Etherium Soaked Dragonbone Warframe

-Spectral Lichbone Warframe

-Black Starsteel Spiked Titanbone Warframe

PRIMARY SUPPORT (+400 AR/DR to start, +15 AR/DR per upgrade)

-Glyph of Dark Patrons Carnage

-Vampiric Glyph of Regeneration

-Supreme Soul Harvester Glyph

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