Elite Sub-Locations are special areas within elite locations. Like with Elite Locations their difficulty level can be set, but Elite Sub-Locations have the following additional characteristics:

-All minions are now Elite minions with a minimum of 2 hitpoints, and the number of hitpoints very slowly goes up (3 HP at roughly level 70 or so). Elite minions give roughly double the gold and XP of equal level standard minions, and all Elite minions drop loot of some kind

-Elite Bosses can be found, and these will be the strongest fights you can find. Elite Bosses have a number of hitpoints almost on par with the player themself, so they can take quite a pounding before they fall. Defeating an Elite Boss will give you a massive amount of XP and gold, as well as a very large selection of loot (often filling half your pack in one shot if a lot of it is Common). Defeating an Elite Boss also has a moderate chance of giving you bonus Credits.

-Traps are twice as damaging, so it is advised that you try to avoid areas with AP draining traps in particular.

Elite Sub-Locations are where the Legendary Explorer power is truly in its prime, fully doubling your levelling speed.

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