09-8 Chasmcrawler-288

As it approaches, it begins with the rumble of a gargantuan steam engine, the screech and grind of massive metal parts and the sound of dislodged boulders. Then other sounds emerge, the clatter of infernal drive trains, the thudding of titanic metal feet and the yelling of many voices. Then it heaves ponderously into view. The Chasmcrawler is a 500-foot-high multilegged monstrosity belching fire and thick black smoke as it rumbles through the canyons, crushing trees and wildlife beneath its iron stompers. Anyone who finds their way aboard it must contend with an army of mercenaries, fearsome automata and their sinister gnomish artificer masters. Yet the rewards are just as tempting, as the Chasmcrawler's treasure lockers are as legendary as the terrible machine itself.

Sublocation for Chasms of Craeth - Level 42-45

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