You have chosen to become a Chosen.

When the note of confirmation came through, it filled you with nothing but pride and joy. The process itself was simple enough, a meeting at the Inner sanctum of the Emperor himself, followed by a triumph parade through the city itself as the Emperor openly displayed his endorsement of you. All should be well, for you feel his will course through you more than ever before, yet still you feel some measure of apprehension at how.. different.. this body feels. Never mind that however! The Emperor himself has asked that you get back to defeating monsters and recovering lost artifacts in his name, and now more than ever you're determined not to let him down. Glory to the Emperor!

-Message upon first becoming a Chosen (first re-mort)

You have chosen to be reborn again, becoming a stronger Chosen

Again the Emperor grants you his mandate, and again you rise in the eyes of the people. You undergo the necessary transformation, becoming an even greater symbol to the people of this mighty empire. It will take some time to settle into this new form and truly harness the power granted to you, but with each advancement such as this comes greater potential as well as greater responsibility to the people of the Steel Empire. Glory to the Emperor!

-Message upon re-morting any addional time as a Chosen


1 - Hands of Justice

2 - , costs 400 Immortal Points

3 - Glare of Justice, costs 600 Immortal Points


- Glare (passive): Chance to instantly kill any enemy before combat starts.

- Double Experience (passive): Chance to receive double experience.

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