Dark Puppeteer

  • T: Ranged
  • O: Group
  • A: Stealth
  • D: Evasion

When someone speaks of a puppet master in the Deadlands, it's rarely what an outsider expects. Ever the show off, the Dark Puppeteer manipulates hordes of severed claws, hands, hooks, talons, and whatever else he can animate, rather than the entire dead body of their donor. These armies of scampering extremities are able to sneak around quietly and quickly, striking fear into the heart of all but the bravest of foes as they fling themselves from wall to ceiling to neck attempting to choke, stratch, punch and poke anything their master desires.

Typically, the Stringmaster (as they prefer to be known) is safely out of harms way hiding in the shadows away from harm, possibly going through the pockets of defeated foes, or preparing freshly aquired supplies to replace damaged stock. Eventually, the Puppeteer begins to develop a few favorite beasts, occasionally combining several bodyparts into practical and deadly 'things'. The skill of the puppeteer comes in his ability to manipulate larger hordes of bodyparts, as well as perform complicated fighting manuvers all at once. It's a delicate balancing act which requires immense concentration and skill, often causing the Dark Puppeteer to go a little kooky.


  • Soulforge Stringpullers
  • Sepsus Corpse Dancers
  • Xithan Entertainers Guild


Armament Name AR Bonus Cost
... ..... N/A


Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
.... .... N/A


Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
.... .... N/A

Secondary Support Edit

Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
.... .... N/A

Ultimate ItemsEdit

PRIMARY ARMAMENT (+ AR to start, + AR per upgrade)

PRIMARY PROTECTION (+ DR to start, + DR per upgrade)

PRIMARY SUPPORT (+ AR/DR to start, + AR/DR per upgrade)

SECONDARY SUPPORT (+ AR/DR to start, + AR/DR per upgrade)

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