Death Knight
The Death Knight:
  • T: Melee
  • O: Solo
  • A: Magic
  • D: Armor

Once long ago, in the days before the Deadlands were known by this name, an order of Knights existed who sought to unlock the powers of life and death, becoming an immortal and unkillable foe. Their efforts worked in a fashion, trapping the knights between the gates of life and death, and giving them access to the unholy powers of the underworld, however they were forever cursed to leave death and destruction in their wake. At the time, they were banished for their crimes, and in time forgotten about, but with the new acceptance for necromancy among the Deadlands inhabitants, their return was one of open arms.

Having become a recognized order of combatants within the power structure of the Deadlands, and having mastered the initiation rituals and codified their magic like any magical order would, they have become true power players, second only to the [Necromancer|Necromancers] and [Black Seer|Black Seers] in terms of political power. It's rumored that the ancient Necromancers actually recovered the original necromancy tomes from the crypt of a slain Death Knight, which is what awoke the rest of the order from their centuries long slumber.

Keeping the trappings of a traditional knightly order, using heavy armor and being skilled riders. They can be found at the frontline of any battle, although they rely less on their martial skills and more on their dark magic. The Death Knights inspire terror on the battle field, and have no shortage of new recruits to their order now that they are allowed to practice their arts openly for the first time.


  • Bonekeep Dark Crusaders
  • Xithan Terrorguard
  • Sepsus Dreadguard

Primary ArmamentsEdit

Weapon Name AR Bonus Cost
Scroll of Cold Touch 16 N/A
Tome of Chronic Dehydration Field 32 400
Coil of Despair Ritual 48 900
Cone of Cowardice Sceptre 64 2,100
Scroll of Fear 96 6,800
Book of Eldrich Arrows 112 12,800
Coil of Hopelessness Ritual 128 21,100
Tome of Atrophy Field 144 32,000
Scroll of Terror 176 55,600
Cone of Dread Sceptre 192 79,000
Book of Eldrich Bolts 208 104,100
Coil of Agony Ritual 224 132,100
Tome of the Withering Body Field 256 183,900
Scroll of Horrific Visions 272 232,500
Cone of Agony Sceptre 288 282,300
Book of Eldrich Meteors 304 335,400
Soul Coil Ritual 336 426,900
Tome of Mass Corruption Field 352 509,300
Scroll of Imminent Doom Visions 368 603,900
Cone of Death Sceptre 384 851,200

Secondary ArmamentsEdit

Weapon Name AR Bonus Cost
Crude Ceremonial Blade 6 N/A
Steel Longsword 30 1,400
Voidsteel Longsword 60 11,900
Voidsteel Dreadblade 90 42,600
Necrotanium Longsword 120 105,800
Necrotanium Dreadblade 150 458,90

Primary ProtectionEdit

Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Simple Leather Harness 16 N/A
Black Studded Leather 32 400
Steel Chainmail and Helm 48 900
Steel Double Chain and Helm 64 2,100
Highly Decorated Steel Chainmail 96 6,800
Heavy Steel Mail and Helm 112 12,800
Ornate Steel Mail and Helm 128 21,100
Engraved Blackened Steel Platemail 144 32,000
Voidsteel Studded Leathers 176 55,600
Light Voidsteel Chainmail 192 79,000
Horrific Voidsteel Chainmail 208 104,100
Light Voidsteel Platemail 224 132,100
Voidsteel Platemail 256 183,900
Intricately Decorated Voidsteel Platemail 272 232,500
Voidsteel Gothic Platemail 288 282,300
Heavy Voidsteel Gothic Field Plate 304 335,400
Light Necrotanium Mail and Helm 336 426,900
Ornate Necrotanium Mail and Helm 352 509,300
Necrotanium Platemail 368 603,900
Necrotanium Field Plate 384 851,200

Secondary ProtectionEdit

Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Shivering Aura 6 N/A
Bonechill Aura 30 1,400
Graveblight Aura 60 11,900
Mindblight Aura 90 42,600
Soulblight Aura 120 105,800
Howling Void Aura 150 458,900

Primary SupportEdit

Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
Sickly Steed 8 N/A
Black Steed 16 400
Trained Black Stallion 24 900
Lightly Armored Black Stallion 32 2,100
Heavily Armored Black Stallion 40 4,400
Battle Trained Stallion 48 7,900
Black Warhorse 56 13,400
Heartless Warhorse 64 21,400
Viciously Armored Warhorse 72 32,100
Skeletal Steed 80 45,800
Menacing Skeletal Steed 88 62,500
Viciously Armored Skeletal Steed 96 82,500
Two Headed Skeletal Steed 104 105,900
Foghoof Steed of Despair 112 133,000
Ghostrunner Steed 120 161,100
Ghostrunner Warhorse 128 199,900
Armored Ethereal Stallion 136 240,500
Greater Armored Ethereal Stallion 144 286,300
Shadowy Nightmare 152 337,400
Manifested Nightmare 160 394,000
Shadowdrake Hatchling 168 456,200
Trained Shadowdrake 176 523,900
Elder Shadowdrake 184 611,200
Two Headed Shadowdrake 192 854,800
Elder Two Headed Shadowdrake 200 1,509,900

Ultimate ItemsEdit

PRIMARY ARMAMENT (+ AR to start, + AR per upgrade)

SECONDARY ARMAMENT (+ AR to start, + AR per upgrade)

PRIMARY PROTECTION (+ DR to start, + DR per upgrade)

SECONDARY PROTECTION (+ DR to start, + DR per upgrade)

PRIMARY SUPPORT (+ AR/DR to start, + AR/DR per upgrade)

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