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Dragon tavern

Welcome to Dragon Tavern Wikia
The Wiki is a collaborative website about Dragon tavern that anyone can edit!

Dragon Tavern Wikia Main Page

This Wikia is devoted to the RPG game from Rowdy Baron Games known as Dragon Tavern. Know that we are currently in a slow period... which has lasted a LONG TIME, we are house cleaning, brushing off the dust. makeing it shiny, polished.

We are now in full swing, still buffing out the flaws.

Please also see the Latest Activity at the lower end of the page to see what is new.


Registered User or not, if you post false info Intentionally, Spam or make this wikia appear consitantly inaccurate to just be a dick, you will be banned. if you post conjecture, and are unsure of info then say so in the article in a professional matter for example "...presently it seems that...". if the conjecture is stated in a professional manner its ok just be quick to replace conjecture with ACTUAL fact.

Main Pages

Immortal Path

Immortal Character

Immortal Powers

Immortal Skills


Ultimate Skills



Dragon Tavern

Mountain Kingdoms


Steel Empire

Featured Class

Here on a monthly basis a random class will be featured. This month's class is the:

Dread Minstrel

Featured article

Here Featured articles will be linked Monthly. Click the link to read the article

Skyclaw Mountains


don't forget to categorize...

Latest activity

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