Drunkeness Varies by named levels, that are quite humorus, rangeing from Sober to Three Sheets (max that ive seen) each name is gernated at a certain ercentage of drunkeness ranging from 0% to well... throwing up all over the place.

Puke -1

... Damn shame


  • Sober
  • tipsy
  • Rowdy/ smashed 10%
  • Pickled 25%
  • Drunk/wasted 50% (flip a coin)
  • Very Drunk/ Roaring Drunk/Three Sheets/Tanked 75% - 90% (dare to push the limit)
  • Sloshed - Varies

Should you not throw up every where or stumble about loosing gold you will get the message that the bartender thinks you have had enough, and you will not be able to buy anymore... tough luck boy.... NOTE: some of the names do bleed over into certain percentages. Being drunk at acertain levels will grant certain effects that drinks give you (see The Drinks Menu for all the details) once forced sobrieity has been achieved (epic fail) you loose all active effects.

How Drunk you are is shown on your public page.
Worst case scenario

Thanks to Wrozen, Ekztals Character

Public Page showing drunkenness

Right below your star sign

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