Nestled between two ridges lies a citadel of unknown origin. It is neither of the same design used by the realms prior to the Lost Age, nor those constructed since. It is a massive building, filled with traps, mighty beasts, and the entrance to a series of underground catacombs. Rumor has it that this place was somewhat of an oddity even for the people of Old Zhinti, yet very few explorers ever escape this deadly place.

An assortment of local monsters that have tried to take up residence here, as well as the strange and bizarre creatures from parts unknown have also found their niche in this place. Legends of treasures from far off places, as well as countless adventurers who have lost their lives seeking those very same treasures, litter the halls here.

The origins of this place are further entwined in mystery, as the construction materials used, a form of purple rock with a silvery sheen to it, are not found in the local area. The idea that someone could lug the amount of stone needed to build this place across the blight seems fairly far fetched, so it's assumed some form of magic must have been involved. Should such magic be learned once again, the possibilities are mind boggling, and many dwarven earth sages make it their lifes work to uncover such mysteries. The truth of matter may however be much stranger still.

Sublocation of The Blight.

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