According to the story The God-emperor Ajen is the all powerful ruler of the Steel Empire. According to the story legends about him abound as said that a man ascended to godhood, or that an all powerful celestial came to lead the Humans of the empire, Ironically elements in the story point two ways for Ajen, one points to him being the loveing god of the Ajendran (Steel) Empire, the other shows a paranoid, Humanocentric leader of an intolerant empire, as Non-humans such as Dwarven, Moon Elven, and other Humanoids, and any other type of species are treated like scum and often lynched just for not being humans, by frothing angry mobs. Magic is also not tolarated by this man as he banned it in his empire, making him seem like a paranoid human cult leader. Truely the view one has about him is open to debate in the story.