The Haunted Watchtower was once home to a soldier so dedicated to his people that even in death he would not lay down. Inspiring his men to fight to the last, even after all hope had been lost, he stayed and defended his outpost against an overwhelming swarm of Ogres. When he finally fell, they did not eat his body, as was their custom. The Ogres tore his body to pieces and flung them in many directions as a warning to others who would seek to defy their will. What became of the ogres nobody knows, but a crafty necromancer collected the bodyparts after the warband had passed, and used them to summon the soldiers spirit, seeking a highly dedicated servant. The summoning did not go well, and the necromancer himself was turned into a thrall under the command of the soldier, who silently defends his tower from all who would seek to make it their home, still to this day. Now unable to tell friend from foe, the soldier and his men patrol the ramparts of this tower attacking all who approach. Were it not for the rumors of an ancient weapons cache and necromancers magical artifacts, all would avoid this place at all costs.

Primary Monster: Undead, Secondary monster: Goo

Sublocation for Shattered Highlands, levels 15-18

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