Standing alone atop a large cliff face stands one of the strangest buildings in the entire wasteland. Known as Highborn Hold, it watches menacingly across the entire landscape from within its pointed towers and thick whitestone walls. Speculation amongst adventurers states that this place was actually constructed via magical means by a group of exiled outworlders, banished to this realm for crimes unknown by their kin. Taking with them their slaves, their magic and their still loyal followers, they have decided to make the best of their exile and rule as lords over this land, although they rarely venture out of their safe walls. Whether there is any truth to this tale or not, a heavy sense of magic fills the air surrounding it, as well as looking severely out of place amongst the obsidian, rocks and sand.

Primary Monster: Outworlder, Secondary monster: Giantkin

Sublocation for Bravaki Wastelands. levels 26-30

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