The Humans are one of the most common races found all across the world of Dragon Tavern. Found in the Deadlands, Shattered Highlands And the Skyclaw Mountain range.

Classes Include:

  • Storm Lord
  • Sky Guard (Mountain Kingdoms)
  • War Master
  • All Ajendran Empire Classes
  • More to be added.....

Human settlements Include:

  • Vokai (Steel Empire)
  • Ajendra (Steel Empire)
  • Bedua (Steel Empire)
  • dacia (Steel Empire)
  • Hearthfire Hold (Mountain Kingdoms)
  • Groldar (Mountain Kingdoms
  • Meadowbrook (Mountain Kingdoms)
  • Arran (Mountain Kingdoms)
  • Stromhelm (Mountain Kingdoms)
  • Thundermount (Mountain Kingdoms)

In Dragon tavern they are found in the 3 major factions:

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