When children are bad, their parents scare them with tales of those dragged off to the Infernal Spire for their crimes, to stand before the Ash Titans, Demonic Fiends and numerous other beasts, to be thrown into the bottomless pit which sits beneath the Ash Titan Council chambers.

Most grow up thinking this is just a myth, however those who have seen the Infernal Spire know all too well that this is no Myth. In fact, the tales of the horrors that live in this terrifying place barely do it justice, and all but the heroes of legend should turn tail and run. Having said that, the riches of the demonic court and the massive conquerers who bound from plane to plane seizing riches are said to be without peer to any except the mightiest of dragon hoards.

Primary Monster: Demon, Secondary monster: Giantkin

Sublocation for Ashpeak Mountains, level range 47-50.

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