The Inquisitor:

  • T: Hybrid
  • O: Solo
  • A: Physical
  • D: Wards

Inquisitors are a harsh breed of relentless hunters of the unholy, demonic, and any who would threaten the homelands under their care and the ideals they persue. Their methods may seem harsh, but these are harsh times. Unlike the Zealot who relies more on people power, the Inquisitor puts faith in his own resourcefulness and weaponry, and must develop into a formidable fighting machine utilizing a mixture of old trusted weapons and useful new inventions as the situation permits.

The Inquisitors usually hail from one of several religious orders, each specializing in the removal of a particular threat to humanity (typically Undead, Demons, other planar creatures, etc). It's also a known fact that if an Inquisitor sets his mind to removing a threat, either the threat is killed, or the Inquisitor dies trying. They barely understand the concept of mercy for creatures they do not consider capable of such a thought, although this is usually a generalisation spread by their religious orders to promote fear in their enemies (and allies) rather than a rule. Their knowledge of the underworld does give them reason to work with those who dabble in its arts on occasion, if only to remove greater threats. It is these sort who are typically drawn to the adventuring profession, working towards what they consider the greater good.


  • Ajendra Witch Hunter Cabal
  • Bedua Demon Hunter Cabal
  • Vokai Fiend Hunter Cabal


Armament Name AR Bonus Cost
Old Knife 16
Trusty Knife 32
Old Shortsword 48
Trusty Longsword 64
Long Imperial Steel Dagger 96
Imperial Steel Shortsword 112
Imperial Steel Longsword 128
Imperial Steel Hunter Axe 144
Dead Hunter Blade 176
Demon Hunter Blade 192
Long Sunsteel Dagger 208
Sharp Sunsteel Shortsword 224
Decapitating Sunsteel Longsword 256
Trusty Sunsteel Battle Axe 272
Mighty Sunsteel Bastard Sword 288
Large Sunsteel Executioner Axe 304
Curved Chromium Hunter Blade 336
Chromium Shortsword of Speed 352
Vengeful Chromium Longsword 368
Heretic Vanquisher Blade 384

Secondary ArmamentsEdit

Secondary Armament Name DR Bonus Cost
Old Crossbow 6 N/A
Pickwood Crossbow 30
Sunsteel Chakram 60
White Oak Crossbow 90
Chromium Chakram 120
Mirrorwood Heavy Crossbow 150


Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Sense of Fairness 22
Sense of Justice 44
Sense of Conviction 66
Sense of Righteousness 88
Iron Will Training 110
Steel Mind Training 132
Brand of Steel Scales 154
Brand of Steel Crowns 176
Brand of Steel Gauntlets 198
Brand of Steel Blades 220
Unshakable Sense of Justice 242
Unshakable Sense of Conviction 264
Unshakable Sense of Righteousness 286
Mark of Unbending 308
Mark of Unflinching 330
Mark of Unbreaking 352
Seal of Shielding 396
Seal of Warding 418
Seal of Protection 440
Soulbrand of High Justice 462
Soulbrand of Pure Conviction 484
Soulbrand of the Righteous 506
Soulbrand of the Wrathful 528
Brilliant White Aura 550


Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
Carved Wooden Prayerbeads 8 N/A
Cloves of Garlic 16
Final Burial Incantation 24
Set of Pickwood Stakes 32
Vial of Holy Water 40
Pouch of Wolfbane 48
Rites of Exorcism 56
Imperial Steel Prayerbeads 64
Ritual of Consecration 72
Purified Gravedirt 80
Graveseal Incantation 88
Set of White Oak Stakes 96
Sunsteel Prayerbeads 104
Sanctified Holy Water 112
Ritual of Greater Consecration 120
Rites of Greater Exorcism 128
Lifegate Lock Incantation 136
Vial of Powdered Shadowfiend 144
Planebinder Ritual 152
Chromium Prayerbeads 160
Set of Mirrorwood Stakes 168
Ritual of Hallowed Ground 176
Vial of Vampire Ash 184
Deadgate Lock Incantaion 192
Rites of Mass Exorcism 200 ...

Ultimate ItemsEdit

PRIMARY ARMAMENT (+420 AR to start, +16 AR per upgrade)

- Starsteel Executioner Axe

- Blessed Eternium Longsword

- Xorr Alloy Fiendhunter Blade

SECONDARY ARMAMENT (+160 AR to start, +6 AR per upgrade)

- Clockwork Repeated Crossbow

- Flawless Xorr Alloy Chakram

- Miniature Sacred Oak Garden Ballista

PRIMARY PROTECTION (+580 DR to start, +22 DR per upgrade)

- Aura of the Unrelenting Oath

- Aura of Limitless Justice

- Aura of Purification and Redemption

PRIMARY SUPPORT (+220 AR/DR to start, +8 AR/DR per upgrade)

- Trapped Oblivion Fiend Essence

- Ritual of Redemption and Closure

- Omega Incantation

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