Heartstopper bees

an example on a(n) non-intelligent insect with group orginization

03. Insect

Insect icon


Insect Boss

Insects or Insectoids are a type of NPC creature in game that are either intelligent or non-intelligent. According to story Insectoids (the intelligent varity) played an important role in the destruction of the verdant land that is now the Bravaki Wastelands.

Intelligent Insects include:

  • The Grell of the Skyclaw Ridge
  • Thelonax of the Underworld below the Skyclaw Ridge
  • The Cicadamen of the Handrid Crater
  • The Insectoids that destroyed the Bravaki
  • and others.....

Non-intelligent Include:

  • Heartstopper Bees of the stangwood
  • and others.....

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