Bordering the lands of the Dreadmarsh are the Jukna Steam Vents, forming a sort of natural barrier between the swamp and the jungle in addition to the mountain ranges nearby. The steam vents are home to a breed of insect known as the Jukna, noted for their brightly coloured chitin, as well as a high tolerance for withstanding bursts of super heated gas which spews semi regularly from the bubbling pools of mud. The Jukna are also notorious for scavenging and collecting bright shiny objects, so their nests are often sought out by travellers looking to steal their prized trinkets. The Jukna do seem to have some comprehension of the value of their collections, however they lack the ability to converse with other beings, being both highly violent, and incredibly tasty when cooked correctly. With attributes like that, it's no wonder they don't get along with anyone.

Sublocation for Krakesh Rainforest, levels 34-37

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