03-3 Keep of the Ruk

The Ruk, as anyone well versed in the art of interdimensional travel will tell you, are a race of squishy looking humanoids, famous for their ability to split into two or more separate beings and then reform back into their singular selves at will. While this has advantages that many a deviant mind could imagine, the Ruk take the issue extremely seriously and are equally famous for their lack of humor and unforgiving nature. For some reason, the Ruk have chosen to construct a keep of sorts here, and garrison it, claiming to wait for 'those who came before'. Whether this is to stop, aid, or watch these beings is unknown, as the Ruk have taken to killing any outsiders on sight after the insult injury by a young travelling dwarven berzerker who'd had one too many and told the Ruk to... well it doesn't matter but since then, they've never forgiven the denizens of this plane and it's all gone down hill from there.

Sublocation for Daggerspine Mountains - Level 13-16

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