Few adventurers who know what's good for them willingly enter this place, for the inhabitants are quick to turn the weak minded into their slaves with but a thought. Kratzalus was possibly once home to another civilization, however these days it has become the staging point for the Calmarick Empire of outworlders. The city consists of the Aboleth, their Illithid and Octoprat subjects, and a massive population of mind controlled slaves of various cultures and worlds, all bent to the will of their masters at whim. The city itself is centered around a large pool of water, with many bridge ways crossing over it into several larger dome structures, in turn connected by even higher walkways. There are few walls here, given the cultures lack of concept of privacy (mind reading will do that to you) so many adventurers have stumbled far into the domain of these monsters before they'd even realized what had happened.

Sublocation for Underworld, level range 42-45.

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