Old Grumbar was a mighty dwarven king, possibly one of the most respected and feared of all the non aligned dwarven lords. At the age of six hundred, he had established a massive mining complex beneath his fortress to make the most of the mineral wealth at his feet. Sadly, in one of many wars, his fortress was destroyed and Grumbar is rumored to have been killed, eaten in fact, by a huge Skerrok Demon. Since then, his descendants have sought to retake the mines and rebuild it to its former glory, and punish all those who never came to the aid of their ancestor when he needed it. The Ash dwarves as they have become known, despise pretty much everyone, but they are nothing if not self reliant and quite capable.

Primary Monster: Humanoid, Secondary monster: Demon

Sublocation for Ashpeak Mountains, level range 37-40.

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