Springing up between several massive dunes reinforced with rock are a group of towers made from a reflective glass. The fabled Mirrorveil city was the birthplace of both Ilsbith and Nadeine, founded by their ancestors many generations earlier. It is here that it's said the first catastrophy of this land took place, and what ultimately drove the brothers to war with each other. The exact circumstances are unclear, however none of the mirrored surfaces seem to reflect light properly, but rather a form of shadowy opposite of whatever should be displayed. The one time inhabitants of this city have somehow been drawn into the mirror like realm, left banging wordlessly on the inside of the mirrors, while they watch their now lifeless bodies roam around looking for something or someone to eat. A sense of dark magic and a feeling of ancient betrayal and trickery hang heavily in the air.

Primary Monster: Undead, Secondary monster: Demon

Sublocation for Bravaki Wastelands, level range 19-23

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