Not many people like moths, and of those who go to Mothvale, there are even fewer. A long time ago, a strange egg like structure burrowed its way from under the earth (despite having nothing to dig with) and emerged in the centre of a small valley. From there, it started glowing a variety of colours, seemingly in sync with the moon cycle. Since then, the vale has become infested with all manner of moths, butterflies, caterpillars and other winged insects, which in itself would not have been a huge problem, had the valley not already had a thriving outpost of humans and dwarves known as Hoppvale. Those who weren't turned into dinner by the swarm of moths were forced to leave, and since then only the brave adventurers seeking to reclaim the lost treasures of Hoppvale dare return.

Sublocation for Daggerspine Mountains - Levels 10-13

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