Even among giants, there are groups which inspire such fear that most would do anything not to cross them. The Brimstone Legion are one such group, making their home in the mightiest and largest of mountains in the Ashpeak Mountain, Sedrid. To make matters worse, their followers in a cult known as the Ashen Dream, along with Angry Elementals and worse still, Dragons, also make their home on the mountain, as it spews forth lava into the sky with unnerving regularity. The mountainside is dotted with natural caves, lava pools and magically sculpted buildings of bizarre design, making plenty of places to ambush travellers from. Thankfully, most people are not mad enough to come here, and those which are, come well prepared.

Primary Monster: Giantkin, Secondary monster: Humanoid

Sublocation for Ashpeak Mountains, level range 48-51.

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