The Outcast Engineer:

  • T: Ranged
  • O: Monstosity
  • A: Stealth
  • D: Evasion

Some scientists and engineers who do not subscribe as strongly to the steam powered disciplines that the dominant Steamcrafter orders promote, have taken it on themselves to work on more radical fields of science in their quest for progress. Many Outcast Engineers are driven to adventuring as a way to secure funds for their research, and also attempt field experiements of weaponry, defensive systems, and the various contraptions of questionable usefulness.

Their inventions may be slightly wacky, and their safety record questionable, but they are an undeniable bright spark of optimism in a culture otherwise drenched in pious misery and unquestioning duty. Having said that, they are as loyal as any other servant of the Emperor, and still believe firmly in their homelands ideals, even if they are occasionally targetted for witchcraft after an amazingly successful demonstration of new technology.


  • Bedua Laboratory
  • Ajendra War Labs
  • Vokai Academy of Science


Weapon Name AR Bonus Cost
Firecracker Launcher 15 N/A
Lugnut Sprayer 30 400
Hatchet Flinger 45 900
Overclocked Tanning Ray Box 60 2,000
Unstable Compound Launcher 75 4,100
Shrieker Field Generator 90 7,400
Small Radiation Box 105 12,500
Madness Inducing Noise Generator 120 20,100
Pain Note Generator 135 30,200


Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Pogoti Stick 15 N/A
Double Pogoti Stick 30 400
Chair with Moving Legs 45 900
Cruddy Rotor Helmet 60 2,000
Rocket Boosted Pogoti Stick 75 4,100
Prototype Mechanostrider 90 7,400
Bounder Exploration Frame 105 12,500
Steel Mechanospider 120 20,100
Working Air Twister Helmet 135 30,200
... ... ...
Antigrav Chromium Mechanostrider 375 ...


Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
Trusty Wrench 15 N/A
Crazy Goggles 30 600
Padded Crash Helmet 45 1,600
Chameleon Field Generator 60 3,800
Probability Magnifier 75 8,000
Shoulder Mounted Weldinator 90 14,600
Exotic Toolkit 105 24,900
Ether Goggles 120 40,100
Trans Digital Freon Converter 135 60,200
... ... ...
Portable Dimensional Gateway Generator 375 ...

Ultimate ItemsEdit

PRIMARY ARMAMENT (+ AR to start, + AR per upgrade)

PRIMARY PROTECTION (+ DR to start, + DR per upgrade)

PRIMARY SUPPORT (+ AR/DR to start, + AR/DR per upgrade)

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