Some powerful beings learn how to travel between the planes of existence, adventuring, exploring and meddling in the affairs of locals wherever they go. Their mastery of the planes allows them to harness considerable magical energy, often without any formal magical training except force of will and practice. The planeswalker is the true master of their own destiny, for if they do not like the reality of one place, they simply move to another.

Minor Gateway: Decent chance to refund your AP when exploring (especially with free loot results). Tiny chance to return to the tavern rather than die, when a battle goes against you. Large chance to capture the essence of a defeated monster, to then conjure when battling other monsters to assist you (Assisting on the TOAD comparison check). Maximum of one trapped monster at once.

Adept Gateway (Tier 2): Increased chance to refund your AP or escape death, and the ability to store two essences at once.

Master Gateway (Tier 3 ): Further increased chance to refund AP or escape death, and the ability to store three essences at once. It's so good you'll TAP a keg to celebrate!


Tier 1 Gateway: about 5% chance to get 1 ap when exploring. About 30% chance to capture the essence of a defeated monster

warning: when using captured essence of defeated creature, refinement skills in TOAD where captured creature is better will not work.

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