06-6 Ramirez's Turf

Ramirez used to run this town's less desirable spots, and the way he sees it, nothing's changed. He still has plenty of rough types under his command, and while he is happy that he no longer needs to pay bribes to the city's old lords, now he has to fight tooth and nail to keep his turf. Given that his turf comprises of what will presumedly one day become the 3 market districts of Ravenwatch, he has a lot of ground to cover. Currently he's implemented a complete lockdown and loot order, ordering all his boys to accost and acquire anything from those they do not recognize. Some of the boys have become a little overzealous in this since Ramirez isn't staying out in the open much anymore, and have started to build up their own little empires amid the chaos.

Sublocation for Ravenwatch, levels 20-23

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