What's first noticeable about this place is that there's a distinct lack of pirates running around looting and pillaging. Instead, there seems to be a last ditch effort by a group of stout hearted defenders to repel wave after wave of demonic attackers attempting to breach and hold certain parts of the Keep. Could it be that the entire assault of the city has been nothing more than a distraction for a greater and more insidious purpose to try and uncover the secrets of Ravenwatch Keep, home to some of the most powerful lords in all the realms? Whether you're here to try and lend a hand, or just take advantage of the confusion and perhaps liberate a bit of unclaimed treasure in the chaos of battle, one thing is abundantly clear. This place seems to be a pivotal battle for the long term control of this valuable port city, and perhaps a lot more.

Sublocation for Ravenwatch, levels 32-35

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