The Reaver:
  • T: Melee
  • O: Solo
  • A: Stealth
  • D: Evasion

The Reavers are a guild of shadowy assassins which utilize a variety of trapped spirit entities in a somewhat more symbiotic realationship than most other Deadlands inhabitants. Rather than binding and forcing their will onto the undead entity, they make a pact of sorts, to continually feed life force to the beast, in exchange for access to its power. This power eventually causes the entity (known as a wraith) to grow in power, in turn increasing the benefits it can bestow onto the Reaver, which in turn allows him to trap greater spirits.

The Reavers walk a fine line between ownership and servitude, which tends to make others in the Deadlands nervous, and the number of Reavers who have been consumed by their own Wraith has been cause for concern from time to time. Yet, despite this the guild persists and has no shortage of aspiring hunters eager to unlock the dark arts of supernatural assassination.


  • Soulfrorge Chapter
  • Bonekeep Chapter
  • Xithan Feeder's Guild

Primary ArmamentsEdit

Weapon Name AR Bonus Cost
Pair of Bronze Knives 22 N/A
Pair of Cold Iron Daggers 44 500
Pair of Steel Daggers 66 1,300
Pair of Hand Scythes 88 2,900
Pair of Steel Claws 110 6,000
Pair of Steel Shortswords 132 10,800
Pair of Steel Scimitars 154 18,300
Pair of Steel Blade Staves 176 29,400
Pair of Fine Steel Blades 198 44,100
Pair of Heartseeker Claws 220
Pair of Voidsteel Daggers 242
Pair of Voidsteel Hand Scythes 264
Pair of Voidsteel Claws 286
Pair of Ornate Voidsteel Wrist Blades 308
Pair of Voidsteel Scimitars 330
Pair of Masterwork Voidsteel Blades 352
Pair of Voidsteel Blade Staves 374
Pair of Voidsteel Heartseeker Claws 396
Pair of Voidsteel Soulgrip Claws 418
Pair of Deadly Necrotanium Knives 440
Pair of Savage Necrotanium Claws 462
Pair of Cruel Necrotanium Blades 484
Pair of Vicious Necrotanium Shortswords 506
Pair of Dazzling Necrotanium Scimitars 528
Pair of Necrotanium Soulgrip Claws 550

Primary ProtectionEdit

Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Simple Clothing 16 N/A
Dark Clothing 32 400
Durable Clothing 48 900
Light Flowing Nightsilk Clothes 64 2,100
Nightsilk Robes 96 6,800
Featherweight Nightsilk Robes 112 12,800
Magnificent Nightsilk Clothing 128 21,100
Elaborate Nightsilk Robes 144 32,000
Soul Trappers Clothing 176 55,600
Soul Trappers Robes 192
Voidsteel Mail Armor and Robes 208
Voidsteel Reinforced Nightsilk Robes 224
Light Voidsilk Suit 256
Voidsilk Clothing 272
Magnificent Voidsilk Robe 288
Elaborate Voidsilk Armor 304
Dreadsilk Clothing 336
Dreadsilk Robes 352
Magnificent Dreadsilk Clothing 368
Robes of the Soul Reaver 384

Secondary ProtectionEdit

Protection Name DR Bonus Cost
Basic Bargaining Stone 6 N/A
Lesser Soul Stone 30 1,400
Obsidian Soul Stone 60 11,900
Greater Obsidian Soul Stone 90 42,600
Emerald Soul Stone 120 105,800
Magnificent Emerald Soul Stone 150 458,900

Primary SupportEdit

Support Name AR/DR Bonus Cost
Badly Faded Spirit 8 N/A
Pathetic Faded Spirit 16 400
Determine Spirit 24 900
Wicked Spirit 32 2,100
Spirit Champion 40 4,400
Lesser Spirit Noble 48 7,900
Sinister Spirit Noble 56 13,400
Greater Spirit Entity 64 21,400
Spirit Overlord 72 32,100
Lesser Shadowrealm Entity 80 45,800
Shadowrealm Entity 88 62,500
Horrific Shadowrealm Entity 96 82,500
Shadowrealm Champion 104 105,900
Terrifying Shadowrealm Champion 112 133,000
Shadowrealm Noble 120 164,100
Sadistic Shadowrealm Noble 128 199,900
Shadowrealm Lord 136 240,500
Shadowrealm Overlord 144
Lesser Dreadwraith 152
Powerful Dreadwraith 160
Supreme Dreadwraith 168
Oblivion Entity 176
Greater Oblivion Entity 184
Horrific Oblivion Entity 192
Oblivion Overlord 200

Ultimate ItemsEdit

PRIMARY ARMAMENT (+ AR to start, + AR per upgrade)

'T'win Vorpal Serpentine Shortswords

PRIMARY PROTECTION (+ DR to start, + DR per upgrade)

SECONDARY PROTECTION (+ DR to start, + DR per upgrade)

PRIMARY SUPPORT (+ AR/DR to start, + AR/DR per upgrade)

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