Unlike the other destroyed human settlements in the Shattered Highlands, Al'Boteel has not become home to a salivating horde of goblinoids. Instead, it has become home to a salivating horde of lizardmen, who've emerged and taken hold of the closest defensible foothold near their swamplands nearby. The lack of cooking fires and banners is the first thing to give clue to the different inhabitants, but if that didn't do it, the herd of giant riding lizards should confirm it. The walls and towers have remained in the same state of disrepair as after the battle many centuries ago, but beneath their towers a large underground hatchery has been constructed. Large teeth, spears and shields mark the entrance to these ruins, and all who approach should be wary of becoming dinner.

Primary Monster: Beast, Secondary monster: Demon

Sublocation for Shattered Highlands, levels 12-15.

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