Unlike the other pirate vessels attacking Ravenwatch, the Sandy Beggar is suited to the river system that flows from the mountains into the tributary system, which the city has made no small fortune taxing merchant vessels who choose to use its perfect natural harbour and deep river channels. Although the Sandy Beggar hails from no home port, it's rumored to be the remains of a once large community of people who suffered greatly at the hands of the Ravenwatch nobility after merchants were blocked from travelling down river during a trade dispute. Naturally Ravenwatch has fervently denied this claim, but whatever the case may be, river pirates such as the Sandy Beggar's crew are a fact of life for all people in the area. That they have joined up with the high seas pirates however is a new development, especially given their mistrust of the Gnorl and their open hatred towards the Dead Navy.

Sublocation for Ravenwatch, level range 24-27.

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