The ominous series of cave filled mountains overlooking the Blight like an angry god, are home to the dragon lords, their minions, and a host of other nasty creatures which have named this place the Scale Peak. Dozens of caverns, belching smoke and fire, and being circled by swooping dragons, make their home in this evil and incredibly dangerous place, hoarding immense treasure piles, while plotting against the other races as well as each other.

The Scale Peak acts as a breeding ground and form of royal court for these immense beasts of immense power. Legends of old tell of the last time the Scale Peak erupted with dragons, and the surrounding realms quaked with fear, as all out war engulfed their lands. Despite the fact that they managed to somehow survive, the level of suffering and death inflicted on their populace was so immense it brought about a period of time known as the lost age, where the peoples forgot much of what was known, and petty lords drunk on violence and warfare warred with each other long after the external threat was halted.

Scale Peak was also once home to the benevolent platinum dragons, before they were all driven from their homes to parts unknown. It's rumored that the evil dragons that now rule over this place have secured several of these mighty and noble dragons into servitude via magic or coercion for their own nefarious purposes.

Sublocation for The Blight.

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