When parents wish to scare their children into behaving well, the name Shadowmaw is often used, and with good cause. Once a mighty dragon of royal lineage, Shadowmaw was not content to live out a paltry thousand or so years as is the normal lifespan of the huge beasts. Instead, he sought the arcane knowledge to enable him to attain immortality in undead lich form, like many other practicioners of death magic. And so, trading his soul for an undead eternity, Shadowmaw was free to live forever as a Dracolich. To his banner, he gathered the mightest of goblinoid tribes which became known as the Wyrmclaw. These comprise of some of the most savage orcs and goblins outside the blight, occasionally emerging from the Underworld to raid the surface for gold, plunder and glory in their dragon master's name. The lair itself is a collection of natural caves and tunnels, with outposts, carved rooms and pits dotting the area, each decorated with symbols of worship of their bony lizard master. As can be expected with any dragon's lair, while the risk is immense, the reward should be enough to satisfy even the greediest adventurer's lust for gold.

Sublocaiton for The Underworld, levels 49-52.

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