Cracks in the mountain hide all manner of vile beasts, but the ghoulish inhabitants of the Sliver Ravine are known for their mindless drive to consume the flesh of all who wander in their domain. They rarely stray far from the cracks in the mountain walls that they call home, but the smell of the living drives them into a frenzy. Many a traveler who wanders too close has disappeared completely, most likely dragged into the very walls themselves and devoured at leisure. The Burrows are some of the larger more maneuverable parts of these walls, where nests of the Sliverghouls are often found. The treasure contained in these nests is made up of the remains of snatched travellers, which, being inedible, have no use for the ghoulish inhabitants.

Primary Monster: Undead, Secondary monster: Beast

Sublocation for Shattered Highlands, level range 8-11

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