The only reason anyone would be foolish enough to enter these spider infested caverns is because they contain the webs of a rare brood of spiders that form a silver like substance in their webs. They are naturally very protective of their webs, and will aggressively defend their lair from intruders, especially dwarves, which they have developed quite a feud with. The Caverns are also home to a strange spider worshipping cult of gnomes, naturally attracted to any beast which can produce valuable metals. The fact that they've taken on a sort of religious veneration of these monsters is quite rare for gnomes, as its well known the only thing they worship is money. Scholars say that its a good thing that they've finally found a way to combine religion and money, but also agree that they're still a wretched race and should be beaten on sight regardless.

Sublocation for Daggerspine Mountains - Levels 14-18

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