There are rumored to be places where man and goo can coexist peacefully, but this is not such a place. Between the squelches, plops, farts and other unsavoury noises, the temple has become a focal point of worship for those wishing to usher in an era of uncleanliness and disgusting smells. Naturally such a foul place has attracted sympathetic demons and other grotesque creatures who thrive on such things, cultivating and prodding the goo's into specific activities somehow. Twisted sculptures made out of less mobile goo and filth adorn the caverns, hinting at some form of intellect behind the all consuming hunger that typically occupies any thought process a given goo will possess. To what end though is anyone's guess, but some of the secretions and slimes are highly magical and useful in all manner of cures, concoctions and cocktails.

Sublocation for Underworld, level range 45-48.

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