If ever there was a place responsible for more than its fair share of suffering and war in the world, then Gruum would be it. The near endless Burrows beneath the Blight are the breeding grounds and ancestral homelands of the uncountable goblinoid hordes that fill the Blight.

Often what is seen as an invasion of orcs into the surrounding lands is nothing more than the losers of a clan war in Gruum being exiled (or driven out screaming) and forced to take up residence and rebuild their tribe elsewhere. During the Lost Age, invasions from Gruum were a yearly occurance, but recently there seems to have been a slight lull in activity, with all signs pointing towards manipulation by the Dragon Lords of the Blight, forcing co-operation between the clans while they prepare for another invasion into the so called civilized realms.

The Burrows themselves are said to run for miles underground and are still somehow packed to breaking point with all manner of evil creatures from a variety of tribes. To make matters worse, it's also rumored that the beasts in Gruum have started tunneling beneath the earth towards the lands of the Empire, bypassing the mighty walls used to protect the Imperial Realm. Should this happen, no realm will be safe, so the call for the powerful heroes to take the fight to Gruum has been made.

Sublocation of The Blight.

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