The Citadel Saga is a game that is being developed by Trident Games which has been put on Hold. the games development has been halted for now but will hopefully be back soon, the last time the game had been seen it had some SERIOUS issues, faulty controls, and many other things, it needs work. But when it is Finally Live it will be Posted Here. from what we do know, which the majority is from the Developers Site: is quite involved.


  • The Auldport Empire: the Industry Capital of the World of citadel, Formelly a Possesion of the Hallowed kingdoms, The Auldport Empire faught a Rebellion for there freedom while the Hallowed Kingdoms were at war with the Thornwood, there Leader Leopard (leo-Pard Long A sound) led his nation to victory 140 years ago, now the Auldport Empire is the Center of Progress in teh World of citadel as it expands in
    Auldport Mechanomancer

    The Mecanomancer with her Steam Firearm

    tecnology and in superiorty. The nations Premiere Soldiers are there Mecanomancers which are Masters of steam technology, it was there superior technology which won them the War with the Hallowed Kingdoms. It is said that the Auldport Empire is a Radical Expansionist type of government, always on the move toward Progress. the Nations Industry is rivaled ONLY by the Enlightened republic of Orm.
  • Hallowed Kingdoms

    One of the Cities of the Hallowed Kingdoms.

    The Hallowed Kingdoms of Scallskerry: is not one but four kingdoms united under a Orthodox Faith called Xol, Led by the College of Deacons the Xolist Kingdoms were once a Savage and dark people only united by the first of their Kings laird Donnart who unified the Warring Barhem clans during a conflict called the First Ravening War, Now after Laird Donnart’s Death the Kingdoms have once again broken, but are still unified in the Four kingdoms Granally, Wormshire, Ulver, and Barhem. The kingdom was once expansive and gave birth to the Radical Auldport Empire.

More to be added.....

'The World'

The Map of Citadel. '

'All Citadel is the Work of Trident Games. '

' '


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