Automated Golem workers are a wonderful thing in most circumstances, however monumental errors can occur from time to time, such as this place. Nobody is sure exactly who caused this to happen, but it's rumored to be the dwarves of ancient times, once created an army of digging golems. Their first instruction was to dig downwards, which turned out to be their only instruction ever issued, after the workers went on strike, demanding more pay. Their master, furious at their insolence, incinerated, killed and maimed them to the last. Only then did it occur to him that he had no idea how to turn the golems off. So on they went, digging forever down, and have continued to for centuries. The golems have encountered what's known to be one of the many shells of the world's inner workings, which are rich in magic but naturally guarded, and if that wasn't enough, the constant digging activity agitates the local monstrous worms that are usually quite placid and harmless. One day they may run out of things to dig, or perhaps they'll reach the fabled inner world, if it exists, but until then, there appears to be no stopping them.

Sublocation for Underworld, level range 43-46.

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