The ferocious buzzing noise originating from this immense structure is almost deafening, and able to be heard for miles. The Eternal Hive is a like a fortress the size of a mountain, filled with all manner of bugs and creepy crawlies intent on keeping nosy adventurers out, as much as defending their turf against the other beasts of Primordia. Swarms of insects buzz around, burrow through and scurry about all intent on whatever it is that bugs do, adding to and modifying the hive for their own purpose yet somehow also in a bizarrely harmonious way with the other insects, as though there were some grand plan at play here rather than the unorganized chaotic mess that surrounds it. Millions of bugs all working in unison is a sight to behold indeed, but not for too long, as they're likely to see outsiders as little more than raw materials.

It's said that the reason the hive exists here is due to the existence of a highly magical form of crystal known as Oreyji. Whether these crystals were here first to attract the bugs, or the bugs have gathered them here for some other reason is unknown. Besides the Oreyji, several other rare forms of crystals which can be found nowhere else have also been discovered. Adventurers brave enough to try and recover such things would be well rewarded for their suicidal entrepreneurial mentality.

Sublocation of Primordia.