This has to be one of the largest ships ever built, and looks more like an underground warren with sails on it than a vessel suitable for ocean travel, yet there it is, full to the brim of every manner of Gnorl rodentkin imaginable. The Long Whisker has a long and checkered history of success and failure in its piracy, yet it's captain Whiskerhook has retained leadership for as long as the ship has been afloat, no easy accomplishment amongst the notoriously fickle Gnorl, who's loyalty tends to change with the winds. The Long Whisker likely acted as the flag ship for the attack on Ravenwatch given its size and sheer crew numbers, however even they would not have been able to take the city alone had it not been for the River Pirates on the Sandy Beggar and the Dead Navy. Even still, their co-operation alone would probably not have been sufficient, given it has lasted for so short a time after the city fell, so another unifying element must have had a hand in the matter.

Sublocation for Ravenwatch, levels 20-23

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