Whatever catastrophy has befallen the rest of the Blight seems to have been twice as bad in this region. Tar pools, endlessly smoking, stretching all the way to the horizon are what give this place its name, with only the occasional outcrop of rock to break up what looks to be one of the most depressing and dread inspiring places to behold.

Legend speaks of a city submerged beneath the tar, once a mighty kingdom now reduced to nothing in a conflict of unimagined proportions. The name of this kingdom has been lost like so much else from the Forgotten Age, yet relics occasionally surface, often on the corpses of the undead which burst through the tar to attack brave explorers, or in the collections of the Tarfoot Giants who've made their homes amongst this place, seemingly impervious to the smoke and hot black sludge that clings to everything.

The Sea of Smoke represents one final obstacle too difficult to overcome for most travelers who would seek to cross the Blight, with no way around it, and surrounded by extremely inhospitable mountains. The explorer who finds a reliable pathway through this area would make a fortune selling his knowledge, although without an army for protection even this would serve academic purposes only.

Sublocation of The Blight.

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