Old Zhinti was once a mighty centre of civilization and commerce. Now it lies in ruin, a city consumed by its overuse and reliance on necromancy to the point of tearing a permanent breach through the Lifegate into the afterlife, flooding their streets with spirits all too eager to possess and use the people of this place.

The city is ruled by the council of Liches, some of the most powerful wizards in both the living and dead realms. Much like the Deadlands uses necromancy to survive against the hordes of lizardmen from the Dreadmarsh, the Shattered City used their necromantic powers to fight against the endless hordes of goblinoids to justify delving into the dark arts and other forbidden lore.

The crumbling walls and towers filled with an army of the dead on a scale unheard of is all that remains of this once mighty place. Rather than a thriving populace, Zhinti, or the Shattered City as it has become known, now serves as a gathering place of all the greater necromancer kingdoms across the entire world in the physical plane. It's speculated that many of those in powers in such places see the Shattered City as the first of many such hubs, and the key to once and for all bridging the gap between the Twin Gates and granting undead immortality to all.

Sublocation of The Blight.

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