What fool would ever want to delve into the Well of Wobbles you might ask? One that has heard of the immense load of treasure buried beneath all those icky sludges, slimes and goos that call this place home. Ever since the discovery of Primordia, the number of adventurers willing to explore this particular place has been at a record low, for the simple fact that it's disgusting beyond belief. It smells bad, it looks bad, it feels bad, it even tastes bad if you're unlucky enough to have your mouth open at the wrong moment when one of the walls decides to go splort (mating season is in the summer, consider yourself warned).

The well itself is almost a mile wide, with tracks and trails little better than a slippery slide making their way down into the darkest depths of this bastion of fetid filth. Caverns and ledges break up the monotony, both natural and seemingly burned via secreted acids into the walls and larger caverns, leading to the lairs of some of the nastier and more violent inhabitants of this putrid den. Communities of sentient goo and fungus have also somehow started to carve out their own form of civilization here, and outsiders are most certainly not welcome for anything other than dinner.

Sublocation of Primordia.

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